Commercial Building


Lorne G. Seifert, LLC delivers poured concrete foundations, but foundation construction involves more than just concrete. Unlike other concrete contractors, Lorne G. Seifert, LLC is willing and able to provide excavation for our own foundation work. This offers flexibility and supports your project by increasing our delivery speed and enhancing the project schedule.

Structural Walls

Lorne G. Seifert, LLC delivers solid performance in wall construction. We use up-to-date forming systems to efficiently deliver structural walls that are straight and accurate. These systems are utilized by knowledgeable crews that will deliver quality and structural integrity.


Our crews of highly-skilled concrete finishers ensure every customer receives the highest quality and most innovative concrete placement and finishing in the industry. Our finishing crews have the most up-to-date equipment and can handle any job. Whether your project is an expansive commercial floor that requires our largest laser screed or a tenant fit-out that makes use of our mini laser screed, Lorne G. Seifert, LLC is prepared to deliver.